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written and narrated by Susan McCormack

Bitesized learning for ADIs

Tri-Coaching are leading the way in ADI CPD

Kevin Smith ADI

"I did a Standards Check Training day with Graham and Susan back in August 2015 near Glasgow. I am delighted to say that I have just achieved a Grade A after my very first Standards Check (February 2017) and only dropped 1 mark on the mark up sheeting scoring 50/51.

I have been an ADI for over 14 years so needed to keep up with the times as I'm always striving to become better and keep up with the changes"

Chris Morse ADI

" I realise now how basic my initial ADI preparation had been. I currently charge a rate 50% higher than when I first came into contact with Tri-Coaching, I work less hours, my pupils have become more engaged and excited about their lessons and I have a far more positive outlook."